Investing in Solutions to the Climate Crisis and a Stakeholder-Focused Economy

B Corps Incorporate Regenerative, Sustainable Models to Protect and Heal Our Planet

MPOWERD solar lights are distributed to people without access to the electric grid.

Earth-Centered Business in the Time of COVID-19

The reality of the times and of our own experience in building systems-aware businesses suggests a shift to a regenerative investment strategy is not only necessary — it’s imminently possible if we simply shift our economic models toward alignment with the reality of the nesting and complex systems of which we are all a part. We know aligning capital with nature isn’t just an idealistic wish because we have seen it happening in the forward-looking companies we partner with and their peers.

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Incorporating a Climate Lens for Investment

For investors who realize the stakes we face and want to take action, The Builders Fund compiled data and examples from our 2020 impact report to highlight how the companies in our portfolio are helping address the climate crisis. While these efforts alone are not enough to turn the tide, they serve as strong examples of leadership that must emerge across every industry to reimagine capitalism as systems-responsible.

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Tripp Baird

Founder/Managing Partner at The Builders Fund. Artist, husband, father, student of the dharma, people, life.